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Civil Rights, Guns & Marijuana: Why Minnesota Expungement is Broken

Once upon a time in Minnesota, an expungement restored a person convicted of a crime to full rights of citizenship.  But today, for example, a typical Minnesota Expungement does not restore civil rights to: Firearms, Privacy, or Minnesota Department of Human Services records. So Minnesota expungement is broken.  What can we do to fix it? …

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Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota: What Should It Look like?

What should marijuana legalization look like in Minnesota?
The issue is Liberty, not marijuana.  Ending marijuana Prohibition is consistent with conservative political values.  Less government means more freedom.  Prohibition is a government bloat program, that destroys lives, destroys our freedom.

We the People have at least equal rights to marijuana as we do to beer and wine.  The fact that marijuana is safer than beer and wine, undercuts the Prohibitionist lie that “marijuana is a dangerous drug.”  Death by overdose happens with alcohol, but cannot happen with marijuana.  Marijuana has no toxic dose level, unlike caffeine, aspirin and many other commonly used, legal drugs.