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Attorney Thomas Gallagher operates Gallagher Criminal Defense, Minneapolis criminal law firm.

And he publishes Minneapolis Criminal Law Blog.

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

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Minneapolis Criminal Law Blog is about Minnesota criminal law from the perspective of a Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer.

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So far, we cover topics ranging from:

  • timely commentary and analysis of Minnesota criminal law events;
  • shining a light on legal injustices;
  • tips for protecting yourself from a powerful government; and
  • famous criminal trials in history.

Minneapolis born, Minnesota bred

Thomas C Gallagher is a minneapolis criminal lawyer.  And his law firm is Gallagher Criminal Defense; with offices in Uptown Minneapolis.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has over three decades experience defending people in Minnesota criminal cases. And he has in both Minnesota Federal Court and State Court.

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About Thomas C. Gallagher, of GALLAGHER CRIMINAL DEFENSE

Attorney Thomas Gallagher’s roots are in the Minneapolis community. And he comes from a family involved in Minnesota law and politics for three generations.

Thomas C. Gallagher has been a political activist on issues; and a party leader in the state’s two major parties.  So he has helped run Minneapolis political conventions and worked on campaigns of Minneapolis City Council Members and Mayors. 

He was born and raised in Minneapolis. And he’s lived there his entire life.

More than a job – a calling – a cause

Gallagher Criminal Defense: Liberty and Justice for All

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has been an advocate of ending marijuana Prohibition for decades.  So he is an original member of the first Board of Directors of Minnesota NORML in 2011. And he was Chair of the Board in 2017-2018.

And now polls show super-majority (2/3) support legal marijuana, regulated like beer and wine for adults. So why, then, in a democracy, does the government defy the will of the People? 

We should stop criminalizing marijuana users.  It’s time for Liberty, again.

And Attorney Thomas Gallagher, of Gallagher Criminal Defense, works with, and against, police officers as fellow criminal justice professionals.  Of course, no profession or professional is without virtues and flaws.  But we should neither sentimentalize nor demonize criminal justice professionals.  Instead, judge us for our actions, not our role.

Law Enforcement Officers vs. Officers of the Court

In the trenches: Law enforcement officers, like criminal defense lawyers, see some of the less attractive aspects of life and people. But we also see some of the most inspirational.  And ideally, we can gain insights from these experiences.

For example, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), a group of law enforcement professionals advocating legalization of drugs, deserves credit.  After all, we allow our elected officials to pass bad laws. And then we pay our police to enforce; and then our courts to administer them.

But when we do that, we all lose. 

So let’s change the laws. Let’s make them equal, fair, rational. And let’s protect human rights and liberty for all of us.

Of course, criminal defense lawyers help enforce the laws too. But especially, we help enforce the Constitution, the highest law of the land.

A recognized expert in Minnesota criminal law

Attorney Thomas Gallagher is an author of numerous legal articles.

And Attorney Thomas Gallagher has taught dozens of Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers, judges, police officers, and paralegals.  He is also a frequent public speaker to groups about criminal law and law reform.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense >  Attorney Thomas Gallagher has conducted and won numerous jury trials, as well as appeals.  And he has top-ratings from organizations respected for rating lawyers, in the top seven percent of Minnesota criminal lawyers.

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