Year: 2019


New Minnesota Definition of Hemp changes Hemp-CBD Oil legality

The 2019 Minnesota legislature amended the definition of hemp, a legal category of the cannabis plant.  And the new law changes the legal status of Hemp-CBD products.

Before the amendment, as long as the source was a hemp plant, THC was legal in any amount, at any concentration level.

That’s why the early 2019 criminal charges for sale and possession against Lanesboro, Minnesota hemp farmer Luis Hummel should be dismissed, if they haven’t been already.

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Is DUI-Marijuana a real problem in Minnesota?

Driving under the influence of marijuana is already a crime in Minnesota.  And that will not change when Minnesota legalizes marijuana.  DUI-marijuana will still be a crime. Some fear that legalization will equate to more DUI-marijuana cases.  And their unstated premise is that more people will use marijuana because of legalization.  This, in turn, will …

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