Minneapolis police investigate MyFastPass.com

According to recent news reports on press releases from Minneapolis police; local and federal law enforcement arrested at least one suspect and executed search warrants. And the searches yielded a database of subscribers to My Fast Pass, apparently in connection with claimed criminal prostitution. An interesting twist in this case, police have publicly declared:

“As part of our ongoing criminal investigation, it is our intention to have face to face contact with people on this list, to include men and women. If you feel it is in your best interest to have input into the time and place of this meeting you can email [minneapolis police].”

I guess you can’t blame a fellow for trying, right?  One must wonder though – who would find it in their best interest to agree to a police interrogation?  Why help the government take you down?


Most everyone realizes their Constitutional right to silence in the face of police questioning; and their right to have a lawyer present; from television and movies.

But unfortunately, many of those entertainments show the fictional suspect waiving their rights, to quickly commit legal suicide. Well, it does help move the story along, doesn’t it?

Yet too few movie and television stories show police officers bully or trick innocents into confessing or admitting facts.

Criminal defense lawyers generally advise people suspected by police to:

(a) remain silent;

(b) do not consent to any search of person or property; and

(c) consult and retain a good criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

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In pre-charge, investigatory cases, an ounce or prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure.

For further information, see our page: Prostitution Laws in Minnesota

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